• 1991

   Formation as Austria Ersatzteil Dienst (together with DANZAS)


  • 1992

   Implementation of roller-cages as reusable packaging


  • 1993

   Implementation of tote boxes


  • 1998

   Implementation of a comprehensive Track & Trace system in our Nightexpress



  • 2000

   Austria Ersatzteil Dienst transforms into Lagermax AED GmbH & Co KG

   and becomes part of the Lagermax Group


  • 2003

   Moving into our HUB in Vienna (Ailecgasse 36)


  • 2004

   - 1. Extension of our HUB in Vienna

   - EU accession of CZ, SK, HU, SI

   - Expanding our Nightexpress to the whole region


  • 2007 

   - 2. Extension of our HUB in Vienna

   - Opening of our HUB in Obertrum

   - New HUB in Kalsdorf near Graz


  • 2009

   Implementation of Track & Trace for Returns


  • 2010

   Implementation of Track & Trace for reusable packaging


  • 2011

   - Founding of ESLA (European Service Logistics Association) together with

     LPR, DANX and SLS

   - Opening of our HUB Telfs


  • 2012

   Transfer of GPS coordinates for our T&T


  • 2014

   Implementation of Nightexpress in Croatia


  • 2015

   Founding of the product EPN® (European PUDO® Network), the

   only manned Pick Up Drop Off network in Austria


  • 2016

   Lagermax AED exceeds the daily benchmark of 5000 shipments

   and 20000 parcels in its Nightexpress region (AT, CZ, SK, HU, SI, HR)


  • 2017

    Establishment of specialised spare parts logistics with 24/7/365 availability in Austria

  • 2018

    Extension of logistics services through the establishment of a nationwide

    FSL (Forward Stocking  Location) network in Austria


    Extension of the CEE Night Express network by adding the countries Bulgaria and Romania


  • 2019

    Launch of the Lagermax AED Aftersales App

    Start of after-sales logistics with FSL structure in the entire CEE region

  • 2020

    The Lagermax Group celebrates its 100th anniversary

  • 2021

    Lagermax AED celebrates 30 years in business